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Cash Is King

A true saying but in today’s world this is not quite the case.

In a world where cash is less frequently used on a daily basis how do SME’s and individuals keep track of their finances.

It is too easy to pay by credit card, you can even use your smart phone to make transactions.

In the corporate world what is the point of having limited liability if the director is using their own credit cards to purchase goods. The liability stays with the individual. This together with personal guarantees are becoming regular features in one man businesses.



Personally how do you keep account of your finances when you buy all your goods on a card? It is too easy to run up debt in this way. Obtain another credit card? Switch the debt? What you are really doing is increasing your liabilities.

If you or your business is feeling the crunch of the current market forces please contact Marshall Peters Limited to seek professional and confidential advice. We approach the problems with a view to providing a solution.

Do not hesitate, phone today.

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Wednesday, 10 August 2022