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Our diverse range of advice services include:

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Trade Finance

Being stuck in the trade cycle can be difficult for cash flow, trade finance helps to bridge those gaps and reduce the payment and supply risk.

Asset finance

How you secure your businesses assets may vary – it may be via hire purchase, lease or to buy them out right. We can help your business make the right choice.


Occasionally, you need to inject some cash into the business, our team can help you pick the right path to get the capital you require.

Stock finance

Your stock is cash that you can’t reach, whether it’s finished goods or raw materials, it’s an asset. If you have good stock management systems, we can help you leverage this to free up cash for your business.

Property finance

Often a company’s biggest asset is the building or buildings it operates within; this valuable asset can be used to free up capital by looking at bridging finance or commercial mortgage options.


It can be difficult to secure grants, but hidden beneath the red tape and paperwork is a valuable finance option. We can help simplify the process of finding and applying for grants.

Business insurance

The list of different insurances needed for businesses is endless, but what does your business really need? We can help assess exactly what you require and put you in touch with some of the best brokers around.

Credit protection

A lesson learnt from many is the necessity to protect bad debt. Suppliers or customers going bust whilst owing your business can have a significant impact on your business, our team are able to advise you on the necessity of credit protection and the benefits this can have for your business.

Invoice discounting

Invoice discounting is used by companies of all sizes to turn your unpaid invoices into cash. It’s relatively simple and can really help support the growth of your business.


Chasing invoices can take up a significant period of time for any business. Our advice on invoice factoring allows business to release cash flow that is becoming expensive to chase, meaning you can focus on growing the business.