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Accelerated Payment Notices (APNs)

acc paymentUnder new HMRC regulations, those involved in tax avoidance schemes now have to pay the disputed amount of tax upfront while the dispute is being resolved. Keeping the disputed amount until waiting for the outcome of a tax tribunal ruling is no more; echoing the rules that apply to the vast majority of other taxpayers.

Accelerated (or sometimes called Advanced) Payment Notices are therefore issued to those individuals and businesses who have previously gained a tax advantage through use of a tax avoidance scheme. HMRC will issue these notices stating an amount to pay along with a deadline of payment. Any tax disputes that follow will see the disputed amount held by HMRC and not, as previously, with the taxpayer.

Marshall Peters specialises in assisting recipients of APNs through a degree of various methods:

  • Dispute
  • Settlement
  • Financing
  • HMRC Time To Pay Arrangements
  • Voluntary Arrangements
  • Administration or Liquidation