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Unregulated Organisations “Ambulance Chasers”


Marshall Peters Limited is regulated by The Insolvency Practitioners Association (“IPA”)

As a Regulated Organisation and Adviser we have attached links to recent documentation provided by R3 Association of Business Recovery Professionals, which sets out the misleading information provided by unregulated advisers. The documents, for both individuals and companies, offer explanations to:-

  • Why Unregulated Organisations advice is flawed;
  • The consequences that may flow from decisions taken on the strength of their advice and
  • The correct approach to insolvency situations and best way to get practical advice from Regulated Insolvency Practitioners such as Marshall Peters Limited.


If you are an individual looking for guidance we would refer you to the link below:-


If you are have a Company that requires guidance we would refer you to the link below:-

here for businesses.


Now you know who not to take advise from, contact Marshall Peters Limited by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by telephone 01257 452021, where a member of our experienced team will be happy to assist and give you the correct advice.

Survival of the Fittest
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